Wasa Dredging was awarded this contract as a main contractor in 2016 and the deepening of the southern fairway into Rauma began in the spring of 2016. During the following two years (2016-2017) Wasa would deepen the fairway from 10 meter to 12 meter navigational depth. During the project Wasa deployed its entire fleet to cope with the massive amount of work that had to be done in a short period of time. In the spring 2016 Wasa deployed its biggest dredger “Optimus” along with the combined drilling platform/dredge “Boulder”. Optimus started with undertaking the 108 000 square-meter environmental dredging of polluted masses while Boulder started with the drilling and blasting operations. Later in the project Wasa also mobilized the combined driller/dredger “Hector”. Via a sub-contractor a hopper dredger was mobilized to take out the soft sediments.


All of the material, except the polluted masses, during the project was taken to the reclamation area at “Järviluoto”. The building of this reclamation area was a part of the scope and in total Wasa built almost 2 km of new bunds to hold the dredged material.


This project was up until this time the biggest ever performed by Wasa Dredging. The value of the project ended up to be around 38 million euro.

The numbers:


Soft soils dredged: 2,2 milj m3


Hard soils dredged: 1,2 milj m3


Polluted material: 0,1 milj m2


Blasted and dredged bedrock: 0,8 milj m3

More references


In the end of July 2018 a joint venture consisting of Wasa Dredging and Van Oord Marine Contractors signed two separate contracts regarding a big project in Kokkola Harbour and Fairway.


The Project for Wasa Dredging’s part started in June 2018 as a subcontractor to the main contractor Dragados, the client for the project is Aberdeen Harbour.


The Port of Kalundborg decided with a public tender in 2017 to implement the plans to enlarge its port area.


Wasa was in May 2016 awarded a contract in the port of Klintehamn in Gotland, Sweden to dredge and re-use limestone from the fairway and harbour basin.


In 2015 Wasa Dredging was awarded the contract of deepening the fairway into Oslo, the capital city of Norway.