Benefits of Prescription Sunglasses

Imagine! You are in a desert, and the heavy wind is blowing with sand, and you are wearing contact lenses. What would happen next? Your eyes will start to exasperate and irritated, and your allergies will increase. On the other hand, if you were wearing prescription sunglasses, all you need to do is take them out for a second, clean them and wear them again without any major trouble.

Here are some more reasons to choose prescription sunglasses over regular sunglasses or contact lenses:

1. Crystal Clear Vision:

Prescription eyeglasses help you to gain clear and corrected vision even in sun exposure or midnight. It’s idealistic for people who spend most of their time outside or encounter some eye problems.   

As if you are suffering from eye problems like farsighted, shortsighted, or have astigmatism. A pair of prescription sunglasses would wors the best instead of regular sunglasses that are not adjusted to your lense requirements.

2. Protection from Ultraviolet Rays:

After this massive amount of increase in global warming and damage to the ozone layer, it’s so much essential to cover our skin surface, and eyes while stepping out in the sun. Otherwise, one might end up getting dangerous diseases like xeroderma pigmentosa. Just imagine, if it can cause that much of a problem to your skin, how many problems will it create for your delicate and sensitive eye area? Thus, it’s advised to wear prescription sunglasses every day. 

Besides, it’s also important to protect your skin from UV rays in order to avoid getting wrinkles, acne, or fine lines as the delicate skin around your eyes are specifically vulnerable to UV deterioration, hence it is recommended to wear prescription sunglasses.

3. Options to Customize Freely:

Prescription sunglasses also help you customize your sunglasses according to your lenses requirement and fashion statement.

A. Frames-

People who find it difficult to obtain oversized frames can customize prescription sunglasses frame to fit any size. People who spend their major chunk of time behind steering wheels can choose a flat profile like an aviator to obtain the correct vision. Also, athletes can choose from a vast variety of frames that match their sporting styles, for instance, wraparound or oval sunglasses.

B. Lenses-

A prescription sunglass allows you to choose from the various alternative lenses that best suit your style and solve your issues.

Tinted Lenses-

The tinted lens can be colored into red, blue, green, grey, and so on to get a clear sight of sun exposure as it filters the light passing through the lenses. 

Polarizing Lenses-

A practically transparent filter can be molded into the lenses of your eyeglasses to decrease the quantity of reflecting light that can be pass through the lenses and enter your eyes.

Mirror coated  lenses-

 It reduces the amount of light passing through and doesn’t make your eyes visible to other people, as you don’t have to run into awkward eye interaction. 

Photochromic Lenses-

These lenses stimulate and adjust by adapting the light changes within seconds. It saves your time from the inconvenience of switching glasses every time you walk in or out of your residence and benefits everyone who buys it.

Anti-reflective  Lenses-

This coating practically reduces the reflection striking straight into your eyes and causing distortion and blurriness in view. It also aids in driving at night time when light from other cars keeps on reflecting on your eyeballs. 

Scratch-resistant Lenses-

Kate Spade’s exclusive collection of eyeglasses are built with scratch-resistant features. Thus, you won’t have to worry about if it falls off your hand or handbag. They provide strong and durable eyeglass lenses that are difficult to break. Besides, their eyewear collection also comprises lenses that are 100% protective from ultraviolet rays of the sun.

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