When political junkies collide with fashion fanatics, Wasanar happens.

What is Wasanar, you ask?  It’s a term coined by Founder Richie Gammons to describe that incredible, rushing feeling that you get when life seems to come together in the most extraordinary way, as if it were divinely driven.  It’s the same feeling we hope to inspire within our readers through this blog.

Gammons is a comedic motivational speaker who uses politics and fashion to make sense of the world around us.  Sure, it sounds funny.  It’s supposed to be!  Richie’s relatable and humorous approach to life is what makes Wasanar what it is: a hub of information for the two most important things in life.

You could say that Wasanar caters to people of a certain lifestyle.  They know who they are and there’s no need to point them out.  What is important is that they are unietd over their common interests and shared perspectives.  We believe in the power of community for effecting change – and for just feeling nice about life.  It feels good to care and to be cared about, doesn’t it?

Thanks for stopping by!  Wasanar anxiously awaits your insightful and hilarious comments.